Inside The Court Room

Our team leader, Shelan, is always creating interesting ways for conducting our monthly sales meetings.  This month’s theme was “Inside The Court Room”.

The main purpose of today’s meeting was to bring awareness to new procedures for processing our contracts using the paperless system.   We had a prosecuting attorney pleading the paperless system was unconstitutional and violated our first amendment rights and we had a defense attorney pleading the benefits of files being in one place and offering more advanced services to our clients with technology.

The Jury

The jury deliberated the case and concluded the new system was “not guilty” of any violations and should be the new paperless system.

Another case on the dockets was related to changes in the law for Broker Relationship.  Conflicting information was clarified by the judge and all agents were sentenced to attend the upcoming training classes scheduled for this month.

Casey Cook, our owner, was “arrested” for code violations.  He was thrown in jail and his publicly appointed defense attorney provided witnesses on his behalf that systems were in place to avoid future violations.

Casey's defense being presented

The judge approved a waiver of citations for all offenses and everyone attending received a “Paid in Full” receipt for violating any rules.

The ALC (Agent Leadership Council) for 2014 was “sworn in” and introduced to the agents.

ALC sworn in

Shelan really knows how to bring creativity and excitement to our team meetings.  Even though our topic today was a serious one, new laws to learn and apply, rules to follow, new systems to learn and implement and awareness of serious violations, Shelan has the knack of bring this information in a fun format.

So if your team meetings aren’t interesting, or maybe you don’t have team meetings at all, then consider joining not only Oklahoma’s largest real estate company but the largest real estate company in North America.  Call me today at 405-209-8597 to learn how we can help you grow your real estate business.

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Amanda’s Family & Friends Baby Shower

On October 12, 2013 we held Amanda’s 2nd shower for our granddaughter, Amalia Ruth, whose due date is December 3rd.  This shower was for family and friends and held at the South OKC Library.


It was a nice sunny day and we had a good turn-out.  The theme for the shower was monkeys.  I think the theme has just evolved from Amanda & Joe getting a “Mollie the Monkey” stuffed animal from Scentsy.   It’s a cute theme and there’s a lot of monkey items around.

The tables were decorated with stuffed monkeys and some blow-up monkeys.  We made a couple of bicycles out of diapers with monkeys riding the bicycles.  We had a cake made in the same of a monkey.  We had cupcakes decorated with monkeys and baked in monkey holders.


Amalia got tons of the cutest clothes.  I’m certain the Texas Longhorns outfit was Amanda’s favorite and possibly the outfit Amalia will be coming home in.

She also received a lot of diapers.  Everyone that brought diapers got a door prize ticket and we had a drawing for a nice prize.   Amanda’s mom won that prize.

We measured off strips of ribbon.  Then whoever’s ribbon came closest to measuring around Amanda’s tummy got a prize.   My sister’s ribbon was the exact measurement.  I was way off in my estimation.  I think my ribbon would have gone around her tummy a couple of times.


For food we had finger sandwiches, crackers and cheese, a veggie tray, a fruit tray, cupcakes and a cake in the shape of a monkey.  We had punch and ice tea.  It was good to have Amanda’s family and friends attend.

We’re so excited about this new life about to enter our world.  Although it’s our 7th grandchild, it’s the first grandchild to be born near us.  All of our other kids lived in different states when they were born, so we haven’t been around to watch them grow.

Being a grandparent is so much fun.

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Family Night At The Orr Family Farm

For the past 2 years Ideal Homes has sponsored a family night for our Keller Williams family at the Orr Family Farm.

Over 200 agents and their families were guests of Ideal Homes and we enjoyed almost everything the farm has to offer.

This is the first year that our granddaughters, Hannah and Emily, were able to join us.  We navigated the corn maze and enjoyed a hay ride back to the farm.  They had tractor rides, pillow bounces, pedal car races, fishing, and so much more.  It was a fun family event.

Emily & Toni Smores

We roasted hot dogs over an open fire and topped the meal off with smores….yum, yum…I believe I ate at least 2 smores.

One of the agents told me her son caught a 6 pound bass and was absolutely elated.  She said they had so much fun.

Some of the agents enjoyed the zip line.  Amanda and I did this last year, but Amanda is 7.5 months pregnant right now so she definitely didn’t want to zip line again.  As for me, I’ve been there, done that, so wasn’t quite interested in doing it again.

Hannah John Deere TractorBut this year I did enjoy the pedal car race with my granddaughter, Emily.  This would be similar to go cart racing, but you had to pedal the car like a bicycle….it flat wore me out, but I did pass Emily a time or too and raced as fast as I could go.  Thank goodness our turn was for only 3 laps….I could barely make the third lap.

The corn maze was interesting too.  It was a very complicated maze and there was actually a time or two that I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it out.  But we worked our way through it and we all were happy to meet again at the finish line.

Toni & Hannah Hay Ride

If you haven’t been to the Orr Family Farm, we’d highly recommend it, especially for the younger kids.

And if having a quality built, energy efficient home, then you will want to invest in an Ideal Home.

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A Blast From The Past

Recently I was teaching a Post License Class.  One of the new agents was a girl named Kacie.  She was a new mother and her husband was a pastor.  She had the prettiest red hair and a beautiful spirit.

A few weeks after the completion of the class we were at our office’s team meeting.  Kacie came up to me and said her parents know me.  She told me her parents were Gary and Jeanne.  I grabbed ahold of her upper arms and asked “how old are you?” to which she replied 24.

I couldn’t believe that standing right before my eyes was a beautiful red headed girl whom I played a very small role in her “being”.  So what do I mean by this?

Over 25 years ago David & I attended a church in Yukon and we were in a small group Bible study with Gary and Jeanne.  We were about the same age, both couples had been divorced with children from a previous marriage. In 1987 I got pregnant with our son, Joe  (Joseph Christian).  Gary and Jeanne had been experienced similar desires of having a child together, but like us, we were a little older (I was 35 when Joe was born).  But my pregnancy continued to inspire Gary and Jeanne to have a child.

About this time we moved to Shawnee and changed churches.  We lost contact with Gary and Jeanne, although we had learned they had a little girl.

When Kacie came to work at Keller Williams, Jeanne noticed we were friends on Facebook and mentioned to Kacie that she knew me.

A few weeks after this I noticed in our church bulletin that a youth pastor named Kaleb was going to be preaching at The Mix (the ministry on Wednesday nights for the youth at our church).   Although I had no interest in attending The Mix, Kacie made arrangements for Gary and Jeanne to meet us at church.

It was so exciting to get reacquainted. We caught up a little on our lives and then enjoyed an awesome message that Kaleb taught.

I’m not sure we would have had this reunion if it weren’t for Facebook, but I’m glad we did.  I’m also glad we went to The Mix.

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Our Haunted House

You can say what you want about Halloween but we love decorating our yard in October.  We definitely do not partake in the evil part of the day.  As a matter of fact, our son says we’re the only people that decorate for Halloween but on October 31st have all the lights off and go the church in the evening.

Whole Yard

I was the mom that made my son dress up like a bag of popcorn or a bunch of grapes.  I wouldn’t let him have scary costumes and absolutely no door-to-door trick or treating.

I’m sure the yard decorations started out “small” but every year we seem to find new “stuff” to add to the collection.  This year we added a skeleton on a three wheeler, a spider, a skeleton with the heart still beating coming “out of the grave” and lights for our tree.  We also added a strobe light with sound effects.


We have a 6 foot tall skeleton, Dracula that pops in and out of a casket, a ghost riding a tractor, a green hand holding an eye ball, and the grim reaper riding a horse.

We have our sidewalks lit with pumpkins and witch hats.  We have 5 carved pumpkins under our tree which is lined with skeletons and ghosts.  And of course we have lights in our tree and around the front of the house.


What gives us joy in doing this is watching the cars drive by slowly to enjoy the décor or to see neighbors walking with children and stopping to enjoy the scenery.

Until last year, though, we’ve always turned off the lights and worked at church for the Family Fun Night.  But last year my husband stayed at home and passed out candy to the kids.  We were surprised of the number of trick-or-treaters we had.  My husband said he enjoyed watching the parents pose their kids by one of the blow ups and take pictures.


So for us, it’s not about the evil side of Halloween, it’s about fun for the kids and having something for the neighbors to enjoy.  This year our church is having the Family Fun Night on the 29th, so we’ll both get to enjoy the trick-or-treaters this year.


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How The Government Shut Down Is Effecting My Business

As all Americans know parts of the government are shut down.  Although I’m not a government employee or receive any direct benefits from the government, this shut down has an immediate impact on my real estate business.

This past year, with the government furloughs, I have several potential buyers put buying a home on “hold”.  The furloughs not only affected their take home pay, but the uncertainty of their employment is on hold too.

The government shut down hasn’t affected the funding of FHA, VA or Conventional loans but there are programs that are government funded that have been affected by the shut down.  One of the government programs not currently available is the USDA Loan for Rural Development.  This loan makes it possible for buyers to receive 100% financing.  Although I personally don’t have any buyer’s needing this type of loan, several agents in our office have closings not happening and hopefully only being delayed.

The Internal Revenue Service has been shut down.  We have one sale that is being delayed because the lender needs a document from the IRS in order for them to approve the loan.  Although the document was requested before the shutdown from the IRS, there is no hope of receiving it since the IRS is closed.

The government shut down has a rippling effect.  Even if it’s not directly related to my business of real estate sales, loss of pay can affect a home owner’s ability to pay their mortgages.  It is so difficult to catch up once you’ve get behind on your payments.

There are many other ways a government shutdown affects the real estate market and I’m sure almost every industry is effected in some form or fashion.

There are no easy answers to what is going on in our government. We just have to elect people that will uphold an ethical standard to listen to what their communities and work towards improving the system.  If they could focus on ONE THING, it would be creating and maintaining jobs for the American people.  Americans working can solve many problems.

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Enjoy Treasured Moments

We just listed this home at 1208 SW 126th, Oklahoma City, in the Eastlake Addition.

FrontThe home has over 1600 SQ. FT. but it also has a nice Florida room that’s over 200 SQ. FT. providing a nice area for reading or playing.  The room has carpet and a heat/cooling unit for your comfort.

The kitchen has a newer stainless steel dishwasher, built-in microwave, and stove.  There’s lots of cabinets and counter top space to enjoy cooking for family and friends.

The master bedroom has a shower and walk-in closet, and the secondary bedrooms are nice size too and separated from the master bedroom.

The living room has a fireplace and bookcase.

LivingAnd for peace of mind there’s a storm cellar on the east side of the property.

There is not a mandatory Home Owners Association (HOA)  but there is a very active volunteer HOA that maintains the 2 entrances of the addition.

Although this is an Oklahoma City address, the home is in the Moore School District.  The Eastlake Addition is convenient to Eastlake Elementary School and Westmoore High School.  Both schools are in the same neighborhood making it convenient for children to get to school.  Brink Junior High is about 2 miles away and currently has bus service for those kiddos.

Backyard 2There’s plenty to do in Oklahoma City.  There’s an awesome Zoo and a Science Museum located near I-35 and NE 50th St.  The downtown area, known as “Bricktown” is where the NBA team, The Thunder, play, numerous restaurants, a theater and bowling alley. If you are new to the area, you’ll enjoy learning all Oklahoma City has to offer in addition to providing affordable housing.

The home is also convenient to Tinker Air Force base, Will Rogers World Airport, the University of Oklahoma as well as shopping and restaurants.  So check out our website: or call us today at 405-209-8597.

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